Pretty Much Just Brandy

Hello All.  I am so glad that you decided to stop by and see what is happening in South Korea.  I will be here for a couple of years teaching English as a Second Language.  There are many challenges and adventures ahead.  Please check back regularly to see what has been transpiring.  Feel free to leave comments in my blog to let me know that you are out there! 

I call Maryland home, and probably always will.   I moved to MO to pursue my passion, which later was put into these words: Missio Dei. 

That is, the Mission of God for salvation of all people. 

I graduated Central Bible College in 2005, after a miraculous healing from a Malaria related illness.  And while I buried my heart in the red dirt of South East Africa, I have chosen to follow the path that God has laid down before me instead of figuring it out for myself.  

I recently felt the stirring in my heart that things were getting ready to change.  That change has come, and I gladly embrace the challenge.  I did not choose this lifestyle, I was called into it.  And I have responded with a resounding proclamation of my total trust in a God who has given me all that I need. 

Come, walk with me for a while.  Let me tell you about this journey.

Blessings from the God of Endless Possibilities!

Brandy McDonald