It has been a long time!

Korea is fun, Charlie!  There are so many fun things to do here!

Fun and Games!

Some of the games here are a little too exciting for me, I try to stick with things that don't involve swinging higher than the trees!

Hide and Seek!

A long, long time ago, people used to wear these masks and dance around.  I think they are kinda scary!


Here is my good friend June Lee.  He is trying to teach me to speak Korean!

Visiting Royalty

We went to visit the Palace where the Joseon Dynasty lived when they were the Emperors of Korea.  It is so pretty.  This is the royal seal. 

We are in St Louis!

Hi Charlie!  Brandy and I spent all day today in St. Louis, at the Arch.  It was made so that people could look at it and remember the days when America was growing.  It is called "The Gateway to the West."  Kinda fun, huh?  Well, gotta keep up!


That was a close call, Charlie!  There were geese everywhere in the park.  I climbed this tree to make sure that they didn't get me confused with their lunch!

Hey Charlie!

I am Smurfy, and I will be traveling with your Aunt Brandy. I will also make sure that she stays out of trouble!  She is hard to keep up with, but I will try to tell you all about the fun stuff we do!  This is a picture from when we were visiting you in Maryland.  It was cold that day!

Trying to Keep up!

This picture is from the Canal Place near where you live.  It is a real canal boat!  I can’t believe that they used mules to pull them.  That must have been one strong little guy!