Empowering Women to Change the World.

Daughters of the Nations is a dream that God has given me for the mobilization of women in the ministry.  It is a system of both support and resources for women who want to serve God, but do now know how or where to start. 

This idea was born out of a journal entry from a few months ago.  The idea of combining people resources to reach out and change the world is one of the wisest thoughts of our age.  One of the most exciting parts of  the Korea experience is that this will be the first time, the rough draft if you will, that this idea will be put to the test. 

I have dreamed for years of taking groups of people to do missions work.  Imagine the vast differences between sending a single person to a new place compared to a group of people with varying strengths and perspectives.  Working together, greater strides can be made towards reaching the peoples of the world with the Gospel. 

There are going to be two amazing women of God accompanying me on this trip.  We will all be teaching English as well as being involved in various forms of ministry.

We have been called to no small task. 

Our God has done the impossible before...

...and he is about to do it again.

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