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**New Pics** Childrens' Day

**New Pics** Field Trip

 **New Pics** Rabbit Class 2010-2011

Children's Day at Tessa's

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A Make-Shift Christmas

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Crazy Corean Christmas

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Class Trip to the Car Museum

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Fall Field Trip Pictures

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Girls Day Out-Korean Village

Part One

Part Two

Chuseok Celebration

Tessa's English Land Chuseok

Six Month Test, Everyone Did Great!

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Vacations Pictures!

Gyeongbakgung Palace and Folk Museum

Hwaseong Fortress

Itaewon and War Memorial

Unhyungung Palace

Korean Folk Village

Visit to the Joseon Palace

Album #1

Album #2

Album #3

Album #4

Album #5

My Kindergarten Class

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Celebrating My Third Anniversary

It has been three years since God healed me of a fatal disease...I spend that day every year doing this things that make me feel alive.  So this day, I had quite an adventure!!

Springtime Fun

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Korea Album #4

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Korea Album #3

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Korea Album #2

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Korean Sculptures  *Updated 04/20/08*

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Wall Repelling Instructions-In case of fire emergency.

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Weekend fun

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A Day in Korea

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Korea Album One

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Pictures From Maryland

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St. Louis Pictures

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